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Our lenders are with you every step of the way, from application to closing. In fact, we do our own closings at times that are convenient for you.
We offer mortgages, home equity lines of credit and consumer lending.
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Head shot of Andrew Rager

Andrew Rager

VP Loan Originator

NMLS# 554353

Phone: (419) 358-8060, ext. 154



Head shot of Rod Stover

Rod Stover

SVP Commercial/AG and Mortgage Lending

NMLS# 554357

Phone: (419) 584-2300, ext. 205


Head shot of Chris Dippold

Chris Dippold

VP Commercial and Mortgage Lending

NMLS# 554358

Phone: (419) 584-2300, ext. 203


Head shot of Deanna Bowman

Deanna Bowman

AVP/Celina Branch Manager

NMLS# 1031822

Phone: (419) 584-2300, ext. 207


Scott Moeder headshot

Scott Moeder

Retail Lender

NMLS# 1792853

Phone: (419) 584-2300, ext. 215


Head shot of Brittany Brubaker

Brittany Brubaker

Defiance Branch Manager

NMLS# 1693229

Phone: (419) 782-2032, ext. 236



Head shot of Michael Dulle

Michael Dulle

AVP/Elida Branch Manager

NMLS# 1210669

Phone: (419) 339-0107, ext. 501


Head shot of Rhonda Dean

Rhonda Dean

VP Business Banking Officer

NMLS# 554363

Phone: (419) 427-2920, ext. 646


Head shot of Mary Ann George

Mary Ann George

VP Loan Originator

NMLS# 554356

Phone: (419) 224-0400, ext. 323


Head shot of Brent Kohn

Brent Kohn

VP Loan Originator

NMLS# 554361

Phone: (419) 238-1080, ext. 532


Head shot of Ty Shingledecker

Ty Shingledecker

VP Commercial and Mortgage Lending

NMLS# 829022

Phone: (419) 238-1080, ext. 547


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