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Remember: To avoid having purchases denied while traveling, notify your bank what dates you will be out of town, as well as what states/countries you may be using your credit/debit card in.

Mobile Banking

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Text Alerts Now Available

Click Here for a complete list of available alerts and to learn more about CNB Messenger Alerts.

We offer three options:

  • Mobile App-a downloadable app for iPhone and Android smartphone users. This is a streamlined version of regular online banking and allows customers to access their accounts, perform balance transfers and pay bills without having to go to our website at all. The app can be downloaded directly from our website at enrollment. It is titled Touch Banking.
  • Browser-based-this is the version of mobile banking customers may access by browsing to a specific url provided at enrollment and logging into online banking as they would through their PC. Once registered as a mobile banker, online banking will recognize the customer is using a phone vs. a PC and provide the streamlined mobile banking experience. Customers may do all the same things in this version as the Mobile App.
  • Text-based-for customers who don't have a smartphone, this version of mobile banking provides limited information regarding account balances and transaction history. Once enrolled, the customer simply texts codes, such as BAL for balances, to the number given at enrollment and a message is sent back to their phone with the current balance in the account they indicated. Available codes include:
    • BAL = balance
    • ATM + street or zip = nearest ATM location
    • BRANCH + street or zip = nearest branch location
    • HIST = transaction history

    How to Enroll

    This is a free service available to anyone who is enrolled in CNB Online Banking

    Once logged into online banking, a notice will pop up asking if you'd like to enroll in Mobile Banking. If you say yes, you will see an enrollment screen where you can sign up for one or all three versions of mobile banking. At any time after, you may change what you're enrolled in by accessing the Options tab within online banking and changing your mobile banking preferences.

    If you choose not to enroll at that time, you may choose Ask Me Later or Decline. If you choose Ask Me Later, the enrollment prompt will pop up again within online banking in 30 days. If you choose Decline, you will not be asked to enroll in mobile banking again for another year. Even if you choose these options and change your mind later, you may enroll in mobile banking at any time by accessing the Options tab within Online Banking.

The App

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You must be enrolled in Online Banking to use Mobile Banking.

The app is available for iPhone or Android. It can be downloaded directly through Online Banking upon enrollment. Look for the TouchBanking icon.

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