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CNB Messenger Alerts

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All customers using Online Banking are automatically enrolled in CNB Messenger. Once logged in to Online Banking, access the Messenger Center by clicking on the CNB Messenger tab in the top menu. Customers may set up new alerts, review the list of alerts already set up and view messages posted from the bank.

Choose to receive CNB Messenger alerts by Email or by Text to your Mobile Device.

When setting up a new alert, indicate in the Sent To: dropdown whether you'd like to receive that particular alert by Email or Mobile.

Alerts offered include:

  • Checking Account Daily Activity-a list of every transaction that occurred within the last 24 hours
  • Checking Account Daily Balance-notification once a day of the current balance
  • Checking Account Low Balance-notification when the balance falls below the amount the customer designates
  • Check Cleared-notification when a specific designated check has cleared the account
  • Checking ACH Credit-notification when a deposit has been made to your account electronically, i.e. direct deposit of payroll
  • Checking ACH Debit-notification when a payment has been made from your account electronically, i.e. bill payment to a major vendor
  • Savings Account Daily Activity-a list of every transaction that occurred within the last 24 hours
  • Loan Payment Due-notification that payment is due soon on your loan
  • Loan Payment Past Due-notification that payment has not been made by the due date
  • Loan Payment Received-notification that payment has been received by the bank
  • Address Change-a verification that you've changed the address the bank has on file
  • CD Interest Payment-notification that interest has been credited to your CD
  • CD Maturity-notification that your CD will be maturing soon
  • Debit Card Purchase-notification every time a purchase has been made with your CNB checkcard
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