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CNB Online for Business is an Internet-based program that provides online access to your CNB accounts. You may initiate transactions from any computer with internet access.

We offer the latest in account safety including multi-factor authentication and encryption through our website.

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With Online for Business, businesses can perform the following:

  • View Real-time Account Information
  • View Consolidated Account Info
    Owners of multiple businesses, or those customers who wish to view both their business and personal accounts at the same time can access all of their accounts on one screen.
  • Control Employee Access
    You'll have the ability to grant and limit employee access to specific types of fund transfers and payments. For your security, CNB issues one token per user. We ask that employees do not share tokens.
  • Simplify Tax Payments
    Preformatted ACH templates simplify payments to taxing authorities in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Pay Bills and Suppliers
    Bill payment and ACH capabilities make Online for Business the only online service business customers need to pay bills and manage accounts.
  • Schedule Transfers
    You'll have the flexibility to create recurring transfers and schedule internal fund transfers in advance.
  • Point-and-Click Image Access
    You'll have point-and-click access to images of checks, deposit slips and other transaction-related documents.
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