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Savings Accounts

Our money market and savings accounts provide great ways to earn interest on your money and easy access to those funds should you need them on short notice.

Our most popular money market, the Prime Pick Money Market account, provides a higher rate of return the more money you hold in the account.

Prime Pick Money Market Account

Your savings will grow quickly with our Prime Pick Money Market Account. This account is great for both individuals and businesses because of the easy access to your funds and the security provided by FDIC coverage.

Savings Accounts

Our traditional Business Savings Account provides a predictable rate of return, while offering liquidity and easy access to cash reserves.

Certificates of Deposit

For higher rates of return over a guaranteed period of time, certificates of deposit are the way to go. We offer traditional CD's and also the ability to place amounts over $250,000 and still be FDIC insured through our CDARS program.
  • Terms - Our CDs are a safe, sure way to maximize your earnings with terms ranging from 91 days to 60 months.
  • 9-Month, No-Penalty CD - You can make up to three withdrawals of $500 or more from this fixed-rate certificate. Enjoy interest-earning potential on the remaining balance of at least $2,500, and the security of knowing you can access your funds with no penalty.
  • CDARS Program - The CDARS Program offers a great way to invest funds with a good rate of return and guaranteed FDIC coverage for up to $50 million.