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Visa Business CheckCard

You can use your CNB Business CheckCard to pay directly from your business checking account everywhere Visa® cards are welcome.

In addition to making purchases, you can get cash at Visa/Plus Network and MoneyPass ATMs.

To activate your CNB Visa® CheckCard, call 1-800-567-3451.

Why Use a Business CheckCard?

  • Make interest-free purchases directly from your business checking account.
  • Accepted at more places than traditional business checks.
  • Saves time at the point of purchase by eliminating check writing and check approval delays.
  • More convenient to carry than a checkbook.
  • Keeps business and personal expenses separate.
  • Track business spending via monthly statements that display all card account activity.
  • You can request additional cards for authorized signers on the account.
  • Visa Business core features provide added value.

*$.75 fee applies to all PIN-based transactions

Verified by Visa

When using your checkcard to shop online, you will be asked to become verified prior to completing an online transaction if the merchant is a member of the Verified by Visa program. This will require you to enter an additional password to complete online transactions with your Visa CheckCard, providing an additional layer of security to verify you are the owner of the card. Enroll now.

Fraud Detection

CNB utilizes a fraud detection program to prevent unauthorized use of your checkcard. The program tracks the type of transactions you usually perform with your checkcard and then compares that behavior with each new transaction and characteristics of fraud. If something seems suspicious, you may be called at home to verify the transaction. If we're unable to leave a message, a letter will be mailed to your home and your card restricted until you contact the bank. This program is for your protection as we try to eliminate checkcard fraud. If you plan to use your checkcard while traveling or to purchase expensive items that are not typical of your card use, please contact the bank to notify us.